Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

Fortunately for us all, dental technology provides a lot of options for restoring and replacing broken or lost teeth.

Some of the most popular procedures involve the use of crowns and bridges. Dr. Donald Ridgell is well versed and experienced in these techniques and can give you a full, beautiful, functional set of teeth again.


Crowns have proven to be very useful for a lot of dental applications. When a tooth is badly damaged by trauma or decay, a crown may be just the thing to return you to full dental function. In the case of a decayed tooth, a root canal is often the recommended course of action. The result of a root canal is a tooth that has markedly less structural integrity than a healthy tooth, so while the roots may still be firmly attached, the tooth itself cannot stand up to the wear and tear that is required for a tooth to be useful. A crown is usually a good remedy for this problem. Likewise, when a tooth is broken, it will need some of its structure to be rebuilt. In other words, a crown, also known as a cap, creates a protective outer structure for the tooth. This is bonded to the remaining piece of tooth to work in conjunction with the existing roots. Crowns are also used as attachment points for bridges, a very popular way to replace teeth.


A bridge is a prosthetic tooth designed to “bridge” the gap where a tooth has been lost. There are three kinds of bridges:

  1. The traditional bridge: this type of bridge consists of a prosthetic tooth or teeth and crowns that are fitted to the teeth adjacent to the gap.
  2. The cantilevered bridge: this type of bridge is used when the missing tooth only has natural teeth on one side of the gap.
  3. The resin bonded bridge: this type of bridge is attached with metal “wings” that are bonded to adjacent teeth.

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