Greenville Free Medical Clinic

Dr. Ridgell has been involved with Greenville Free Medical Clinic since he opened his office in 1988. Previously served on the Clinic Board and is currently an active volunteer.

Dominican Republic

Dr. Ridgell has gone to San Juan de Manuela, Dominican Republic since 2004. The Upstate Prosthodontics takes a dental team of providers. They travel into the remote villages of the Dominican Republic to give badly needed dental care. Ask one of our staff members; they love to tell you about our experiences.

Dental Access Day

Dental Access Day (DAD) is another example of how our office gives back to the community. DAD is a dental treatment weekend held annually across South Carolina to offer free treatment for patient’s emergency dental needs at no cost. Dr. Ridgell served on the Greenville DAD board in 2010 and has helped since 2009 at each DAD day.


Dr. Ridgell also works every other Friday in Charleston, at MUSC College of Dental Medicine as a Clinical Professor. He teaches juniors and seniors in the removable prosthodontic clinic.

To learn more about Dr. Ridgell and his dedication to spreading dental health and awareness in his community and abroad, call us at (864)232-3882.